Le cirqueDream

The Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche was born in 2019, out of team spirit, the driving force of the foolhardiest projects. At its core, the Cirque is a family project, creating extended families where all members can dream without limits! 

On a 60-foot cliff face, acrobats of all sorts frolic and transport you to other universes where all sorts of magic and stories are possible!

In Kamouraska’s image, the Cirque is at once this slight vertigo, this held breath, this sense of wonder, that makes you lose your sense of direction thanks to the rustic tenderness, the brutal fervency and intense gusts of joy.

The Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche is dedicated to those who drift off cradled by their muses and who wake up to attain their dream.



The Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche derives its name from an old town, Pointe-Sèche, located on the banks of the Saint-Lawrence River in the old Seigneurie of l’Islet-du-Portage, today in the municipality of Saint-Germain in Kamouraska.

The town of Pointe-Sèche got its name from the heights that rise behind the land of Kamouraska, winding and advancing to a point towards the Saint-Lawrence. This place name first appeared in the 1770s. This rocky point, picked clean of vegetation does not lend itself to cultivation. The land is arid and dry, giving rise to the toponym of Pointe-Sèche.

The Perchoirs du Cirque are mounted on an inselberg. A quartzite inselberg or monadnock is a geological formation typical of the area, an emblem of the Kamouraska landscape.


The Perchoirs du Cirque were imagined and built in collaboration with Inter Ligna, an Eastern-Townships-based business. 

Inter Ligna is expert in woodworking and landscaping. It offers unique first-class eco friendly landscaping and first-class woodworking services.