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On-site Activities

Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche - Charcoal

In the entrails of the earth, we find a civilisation that has never seen the sun. They live in the heart of a bottomless mine, the small community works night and day to extract the parcels of gold and light in the depths. Without fail, they toil in the dusty galleries with no desire to get out. What could be better outside? The mine, it’s their home, that’s all they know. The canary sings, the wheel turns, the charcoal goes up, the cart goes down. However, Icare dreams of better. His nose is turned upwards, he seeks the sun. Like a bird in a cage, he tries to escape using clever tricks. Will he manage to find the exit?

After many months locked down in our own darkness, Charcoal invites us to strive towards the light : to dare to dream of flying to an adventure full of sunshine and possibilities. Join Icare, Aurore, Dédale and their friends to live an adventure filled with emotions, surprises and magic.

ACCESS to the river by foot

We offer access to the river, which is situated in front of the Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche parking lot, and is accessible only by foot.
The sea marsh and the point are fragile environments and we want to protect them. Take advantage of a moment to recharge your batteries in the wind, to the sound of the birds and the waves. Respect to the majestic St-Lawrence River.


A walking path will soon be accessible from each Perchoir. Breathtaking views await you at every turn of the mountain ridges.