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Les Perchoirs du Cirque


The Perchoirs du Cirque (circus perches) are a lodging project inspired by the acrobatic prowess of circus artists! The architectural creativity of the Perchoirs is a fitting reflection of the contortions you see in circus life! 

The Perchoirs du Cirque are five cottages nestled snugly in their natural environment. Suspended and hooked onto a rock wall or on a mountain, they offer a splendid view of the Saint-Lawrence River. Their artistic shape and their incredible natural setting make the Perchoirs truly unique. They offer a luxury minimalist respite for the lovers of the great outdoors.

The Perchoirs du Cirque are a great way to unplug and unwind, forgetting your cellphone for a night under a canopy of stars. You’ll be far enough from any neighbours to feel alone in the world.

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